Buying Guide

Samuel Tile Luxury Kitchen

At Samuel Tile we offer exceptional service. We will make sure you choose the right materials for your space.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your floor.

DESIGN: We have a very large selection and we will help you find the right colors, designs, patterns and textures to match your design, look and feel. The first consideration is always color. The color must match the furniture in the room and the paint. The available light in the room that you are designing may also influence the color of the tile, wood, or carpet that you choose. Choose dark colors for areas with high traffic and light colors for a more relaxed feel. The texture of the floor material can also affect the look of your design. Always keep in mind that a design in the showroom can look different once it is in your space.

RESILIENCE: Every room has a different function. Kitchen and baths have to be able to accept a multiple of elements such as heat, oil, humidity and water. Kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, garages and workspaces will need highly durable materials. Living rooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and other areas that may have less wear and tear can afford to have softer surfaces.

GRANDUER: At Samuel Tile we want you to have the most luxurious and comfortable space available to you at the right price. When choosing your designs make sure to make a decision that you know will last with time.  Consider the warmth, quietness and softness of the tiles you choose. Do you like to walk barefoot? How will that tile floor feel on your feet? Maybe you want heated floors. Will the floor be too slippery or loud or will it keep calmness within the space?

SUB-FLOORING: When you come in to browse at Samuel Tile we might ask you what kind a sub-flooring will we be working with. Is your sub-floor damp resistant? We will need to know this information so that we can be sure to use the right materials for the job.