About Installation

Samuel Tile - Installation
At Samuel Tile we have the finest craftsmen to install your tile from floor to ceiling. We work quickly and efficiently. You will be impressed with our quality of work. Here is a brief explanation of the installation process to give better understanding of what will happen when we show up for the job.

First, we prepare the workspace. We will demolish the unnecessary and clean up for the new installation. Any loose particles will be removed from the floor and the floor will be leveled. Furniture and appliances will also be removed.

Second, we will layout the flooring design. Using snapped chalk lines for our guides. We will create a grid to guide our work and may even layout loose tiles. We want to make sure everything looks just right.

Third, we apply the adhesive. We will coat the area precisely and remove the excessive. Then for tile floors, it will set for approximately 15 minutes.

Forth, we will cut and set down the floor material as per our grid and design plan. Then for tile floors we will grout and clean. Before you know it, you’re floor installation will be complete!

Please contact us at anytime and we will give you care instructions. Also feel free to ask your installer for maintenance information. We also provide cleaners and sealers. We want to serve your needs 100%.